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We are very well connected in the digital industry and work with highly skilled professionals from all over the world. Our business model allows us to work with one individual or a team of 40 professionals at a click of an email. Companies with permanent employees  often hire juniors to keep their costs down. We do the opposite and team up with highly skilled individuals that have broken away from the system to bring you the best in the industry. This model keeps our costs low for our clients.

Denny Mo

Creative Director, Industrial Designer

Denny started out in the field of graphic design and gradually moved into the world of websites. He currently specialises in the development and optimisation of eCommerce and data reporting as he believes this is the future of retail. Denny also owns a terrarium company called Angles & Earth, which operates from a brick and mortar store in Cape Town. His strict eye for detail has assisted him in understanding the very fabric of what good design is and makes his work stand out from the rest.

Zelda Brokensha

Project Manager

Zelda is an Events and Social Media Manager with a keen eye for detail and a love for the creative arts. When Zelda is not coordinating an event or project, she can be found making ceramic creations for humans and hounds alike.

Gosia Podgórska

Strategist, Wine Judge, Copy Writer

Gosia is a Polish born, South African raised entrepreneur. With a double Masters specialising in journalism and the wine industry, Gosia currently works as a marketing and copywriting consultant with a focus on wine and lifestyle brands.

Donovan Maidens


Founder and Lead Developer at Anomalous Developers, Donovan has over 20 years experience in various web development languages and platforms. Due to this he is very well placed to understand, develop, deliver and maintain any size web application. With a current focus on data integrity, content management systems and e-commerce, Donovan is well sought-after in the industry.

Glenn Kisela

Art Director, Developer (JHB)

Glenn is passionate about creative work, whether it be conceptual, design or photography. When he’s not playing in the creative space, he is pursuing his love of gaming and technology and can often be found writing about the happenings of both industries.

Wesley van Wyk

SEO, PPC, Data

Wesley is a professional Marketing Executive who works with various small to medium enterprises (SME’s), large corporate brands and their marketing departments to ensure the highest level of exposure and return on investment. He owns a multi level digital agency, which consults for SME’s and large corporate companies to improve and grow their brands. He also works alongside his client’s marketing teams to assess, train and strategise in order to provide optimal results.

Myburg Duplesis


As the son of a photographer, Myburgh grew up in a Cape Town home where the love of cameras and capturing the perfect shot was contagious.
He was thrown in the deep end when he went to the UK as a 19-year old to assist the head photographer in a publishing company and had to take over the reigns after his resignation a couple of weeks later. Here he gained valuable experience travelling all over the UK, Europe and the Americas and getting to work with some of the world’s leading chefs.

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