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Digitizing the giant of wineland.

Namaqua Wines needs no introduction. Their wine is the corner stone to any South African wine drinkers. Selling over 10 million liter yearly this company is the most established wine brand in the country. Our mission was to create a new online store to open doors for their other ranges otherwise not open to the public. We did just that. Our full scope not only covered the development of the eCommerce but also the training of the shipping and online ordering process. They now have a website they have full control over, their own online platform to sell nationally.

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Greyscale image of manwith goatee staring off
Greyscale image of manwith goatee staring off

Gabor Rapolthy

Business Analysis

On behalf of Namaqua Wines, I would like to thank you and the team at mZero for the outstanding work in building our website to the level where we can compete proudly on a global scale with other wine players.  The experience we have gained by working with you has been rich and rewarding and the quality of delivery has been exemplary. Thank you for helping us down this digital pathway and we wish mZero all of the goodness that comes with passion and charisma, the embodiment of our experience with you.



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